Search-and-rescue is far more than just a hobby and sport – it’s a way of life. A top search-and-rescue dog is the better half of a team.


Consisting of numerous experts and field operatives, search-and-rescue is a very complex activity. Extremely active in this field, we – Andrej and David along with our dogs – love to take part in search-and-rescue operations. Our expertise is training search-and-rescue dogs. Even today, due to their exquisite competences, top search-and-rescue dogs are still priceless members of search-and-rescue teams in the field, ruins, and avalanches.

Dogs help search vast dangerous areas, unstable ruins, and snow avalanches. Teams use the dogs’ incredible stamina, self-confidence, motivation, independence, and skillful movement. Dogs must use their sense of smell intensively and constantly to find the source of a missing person. 


They have to react to handlers’ additional commands, be directable, and work even when far away from their handlers. When picking up a scent, dogs must precisely determine the maximum concentration or the source of a person’s scent, and indicate this. When indicating, they must show good concentration and bark constantly.

Operational capability in a dog takes hours and hours of training. Expertise, scientific approach, experience, innovativeness, enthusiasm, and great results of our dogs – this is what the Canispoint team guarantees.

Andrej Žunič DVM, International IRO Trainer, IRO World Champion 2013, Rubble

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We are happy to share our knowledge and experience and help you make your dog a more obedient companion or an accurate, fast, and reliable contestant.


Each dog is a unique character which is why we offer professional behavioral therapies and customized individual training.


Enabling the dog to express naturally, nosework is one of the activities that make your dog feel mentally fulfilled. Smelling is what dogs do best, while searching and hunting are two of their strongest instincts.


Service or assistance dogs help people with physical disabilities go through their daily routines. A professionally trained assistance dog also contributes significantly to a higher quality of life.


We organize seminars and workshops, we provide online consulting and video analysis


When you are away, we look after your animal with devotion and expertise.

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